My 35 goals for 2016


I hope I find you well on this first day of 2016. I hope that you had a great party last night and everything went as you had envisioned. I also hope that you will start this day with a sense of opportunity and a determination to follow the goals and plans you have made. Today I will share my goals for 2016: they are delibarately small and imperfect to make sure I will complete them.

Besides the great goals and visions of 2016 in my visionboard (see them as the major arcana) I have also compiled a list of things I want to do in 2016: my minor arcana.  I hope that you will feel inspired.

There are numbers behind some goals and that means that it is a repetitive goal. The number is a minimum: more is in this case better.

My 35 goals for 2016

  1. Maanvrouwe course (a course about the moon and women).
  2. Do something new/scary every month (0/12)
  3. Find out if the pagan/nature religion path is the right spiritual path for me
  4. Attend celebrations of the above mentioned path (0/6)
  5. Go visit a red tent
  6. Go to a concert
  7. Read spiritual books (0/5)
  8. Go on a monthly date with my better half (aka the boyfriend) (0/12)
  9. Go on a trip with my brother
  10. Learn the 78 tarot cards
  11. Date with my best friend (0/4)
  12. Follow a crystal/mineral workshop
  13. Get a 95% rating at my work
  14. Donate clothing by examining each season what stuff I don’t need or want (0/4)
  15. Leave a book in the train or a public book spot
  16. Buy fine lingerie (0/2)
  17. Wear the sets at least once (0/2)
  18. Hike 20km
  19. No make up for a month
  20. Do something creative each month (0/12)
  21. Finish this list
  22. Donate something to the voedselbank (a place where the less fortunate can get a food package)
  23. Donate blood
  24. Keep a moondiary
  25. Buy a Christmas tree for Christmas
  26. Vote for the Top 2000
  27. Go on a picknick with my mum
  28. Read a book (0/10)
  29. Blog each month about an accomplishment of this list (0/12)
  30. Go on a proper vacation
  31. Go to Ireland
  32. Book a with someone
  33. Visit a festival
  34. Go to a bonbon or chocolate workshop
  35. Wash the car

What are your 2016 goals?


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