It’s mah birthday!


This is the day I turn 24. I will make the mistake of telling everyone I’m 23 for at least a few weeks, I will go out for dinner, do a birthday tarot spread, meditate and enjoy a day off! In this post I will tell you what I’ve learned during this last year and you all know what I’m up to the coming year.

  1. I learned that after rain there always comes sunshine. It was a rough year in the relationship area but we learned a lot, so that’s a silver lining.
  2. I learned that I can go on a historical campaign for 12 days (I also got to learn how it feels when you’re so tired sleep won’t do the trick anymore).
  3. I overcame a huge fear (on horseback at a battlefield) but then I also learned that when your gut says ‘no’ you should listen and don’t mind that the next day you’re still afraid.
  4. On the threshold of 2015 I found a spiritual path that feels like home
  5. I found a job that I love with even better colleagues.
  6. The Christmas break with my boyfriend was a huge highlight
  7. I learned that sharing and talking is super important to take the sting out of things
  8. I learned that I should listen to my body more often and don’t ignore signs (or you’ll end up on your birthday at a place where they test your blood, yep that is the fist thing I’ll do today…)
  9. I enjoyed a very funny synchronicity the last few weeks
  10. I came out of my comfort zone!

Here’s the tarot spread I will do today. It is a spread from, she has many free spreads and they are fun and different, she even does the design herself. So check them out!



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