Visionboard 2016 plus a tiny recap

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The year is coming to an end and the lists and recaps pop up like mushrooms (a not so good translation of a Dutch saying…). I have made my visionboard a few weeks ago (I just couldn’t wait!) and have tried to keep it in mind, so my visionboard is not necessarily for 2016. It differs a lot from 2015’s version and I feel this is because of the change that has been going on this year. So first a tiny recap and then the new board!


Around this time 2014 I started my first visionboard. I had read about Danielle Laporte and figured out my themes for the coming year. My first prominent thing were my Core Desired Feelings: Hope, Love & Faith. I got them tattooed on my arm, but I also tried to live up to them and I can proudly say this year was a hopeful, loving and faithful year.

Secondly there was a phrase which translates to ‘Say goodbye to old grievances and past hurts’. I did this as well and it was major. All my closest friends and family know that the second part of 2015 has been all about that phrase. There are still things to work on and work through but the process has been started and some things are actually closed and healed.

Thirdly, I wanted to become more spiritual. My spirituality is something that has been on and off (just like blogging) but I can say I managed quite good. I have lived more spiritually than in 2014 and that was the goal.

2016 edition

The year ahead will be even more spiritual for me but I will be heading a new path: more nature, more wild, more feminine, more raw and pure. So that’s why there’s a Tipi, a dancing woman, flowers and smudging.

The coming year will be about imperfection too. I want to learn to be content with less perfection and don’t worry about stuff all the time. Plus the quote in green translates to ‘Things don’t have to be so big/grand/glam’ I want to learn to be content and enjoy the little imperfect things.

There is a picture of an owl, my favorite animal besides a horse, a lotus and flowers in general: more nature and more appreciation for it. I have already begun by buying a real Christmas tree and adding plants to my meditation space.

And the girls jumping signify jumping into the unknown: nature beliefs, doing things on my own. Besides, 2016 is unknown so everyone needs to jump.

What are your goals or visions for 2016?


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